Video projection of a dancer projected on mirror surface and floor

I n s t a l l a t i o n


The films are presented in way that embody the aesthetics and energy of each film. Inspired by its setting, objects, and perspective; the presentation of each film has it's own story.

The films can be experiences alone, together, through objects and interractively

      Just as in a dream. 



Simple, transportable and inexpensive materials are used to create flexibility in adapting to each space. 




July 2015 we Premiered 'Dreams' at Kiosk Festival in Zilina Slovakia. The location was an abandoned electical power plant. We chose the basement of the building for it's interesting corridor of small rooms where the films were presented. We liked the rustic, rundown interior with water leaking from the walls and there was no need for extra decor. Alongside the films we performed a live installation/performance in one of the rooms. 




A walk through the installation

Preview at 'Danseur' festival Charleroi Danses, Brussels Belgium 2015

Plastic Wall

Plastic Wall

We incorporated plastic from film 'Dawning' to create a wall to mount the images



The installation will find itself in the nature where many of the films were located

Not all films are long, many are short memories

We placed a fan behind the fabric to create a constant movement bringing the environment of the film into the room

We placed a wire fence between the viewer and the wall adding a layer of perspective for 'Escape'



Mirrors are used to reflect, direct and enlarge the image from projector

Mirror on the ceiling use to reflect image of woman trapped under a surface on the floor.

James Brown

We collaborated with Australian sound designer James Brown. His sound plays a vital element for our films. We asked James to document and create a sound score from his dreams. This 'Alone' space is an invitation for the audience create visualizations of their own in response to the soundscpae.  

Sound instalation room with audience in it