Inspired by our dreams we use particular images, energy and aesthetics as building blocks for this piece. Discovery what was unknown to Jamie before creating the films, her dreams or unconcious is haunted by an unknown force, either being a person, being lost, and being trapped. This feeling lingers when awoken from sleep.


-Suspense is the source that carries this feeling. The feeling of pleasurable fascination and

excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from unpredictability and mystery-


Inspired by the films from our installation and cinematic thrillers which explore suspense, the piece will resemble techniques of films by exposing what we want the audience to see. Giving a sense of mystery we want the audience to feel what the performers are feeling, the tension, the anxiety, the frustration, the anger. The viewers response is not superficial on the surface of the skin but digs deeper into their gut on the edge of their seat feeling the tension of what they are experiencing in their own body. 


Premiere: Kiosk Festival, Zilina Slovakia

Supported by Slovak Ministry of Culture