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In 2015, we were part of a wonderful project with Iris Bouche and We both had different roles, Jamie as a dancer in the work and Stanislav as the camera operator, and editor.

Here is the trailer.


The film is promoting awareness to the public that every year in Italy there are over a thousand instances of justice miscarriage.


How does it feel to be victim of miscarriage of justice? What does it mean to get stuck in a wrongful conviction?



An project

By Benedetto Lattanzi, Valentino Maimone and Stefano Oliva


Concept & choreography: Iris Bouche

Directed by: Stanislav Dobák

Dancers: Jamie Lee, Nick Coutsier

Production assistant: Sumalin Gijsbrechts

Music: Gabriele Miracle, Assia Polito, Lorenzo Salvatori

Audio mixing and editing: Emanuele Giunti