She woke up not knowing how she got there. Nothing is familiar. She struggles to move, but her body doesn't seem to be her own. Driven by fear of the unfamiliar she knows she cannot stay and has to move in search for something'.

Timeless trailer


I am meeting someone, someone I know very well. I am excited and happy about this reunion. I embrace this person and I feel the same embrace back. Suddenly I sense a change, something is not right, I cannot breath. This is not who I thought it was.

Potatoes trailer

Escape trailer

I was hiding, in a hole under some kind of construction. The other girls were also hiding close by. He is coming, he is close by. I'm trying so hard to be invisible. I curl into a ball and try to breath as a quietly as possible. I see him coming closer and closer. I close my eyes and try to be invisible. 

Suddenly I am lifted up by him. I scream and fight back as much as possible. But nothing happens. I cannot talk, I cannot move. My body does not respond.